About Us

My husband and I live on a small farm in east central Alberta. Our 5 kids are now grown and moved from home to start their own lives, the dogs have been so nice never had that empty nest feeling. We have a few cows, 6 horses (most of them just eat grass and look pretty). And we have quite a few cats most of which are wild, they do their best to keep the mice and gophers away.

We have been breeding Basset Hounds for about 12 years and about 7 years ago decided to add English Bulldogs to our little pack. They are a wonderful, fun addition!!   Just love these guys they are quite additive 2 girls lead to 3 than 4 and so on. When the weather is appropriate we like to have the babies out on green grass where they have good footing and are breathing clean country air.  I feel sunshine is so important so even in the winter they spend time in our living room where the sun shines in.

The adult dogs and I spend a lot of time just walking in the pastures where they get to explore gopher holes, run though the tall grass and just be dogs